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Practicing EC

EC Parents Speak Out

Family Experiences with Elimination Communication

"When my daughter became mobile, diaper changes turned into a nightmare. So I tried taking her to the bathroom and it amazed me how quickly she learned what the potty was for! We both enjoy our potty sessions much more than diaper changes."

- Caren, mom to Olivia, began EC at 9 months

" By the time Simon was three and a half months old he had proven to us that EC is more than just 'parent training.' He started signaling his need to pee by making his own imitation of our 'sss' cue! We were delighted to be in such two way communication with him."

- Rachel, mom to Simon, began EC at birth

"Doing EC with Ben has completely changed our relationship for the better. Before we started EC, it seemed like he often cried for no reason. With EC, I finally have an important tool to help meet his needs, and he is 100% happier."

- Sarabeth, mom to Ben, began EC at 2 1/2 months

"Traditional toilet training with my first childwas easy, so I was cynical about the value of EC. However, I started to practice part-time EC when my son started solids and I soon realized that he really could communicate his elimination needs. Practicing EC helped me to better understand his behavior. We eased into using the potty and he never had to be 'trained' at all."

- Valerie, mom to Nathan, began EC at 10 months

"Responding to your baby's elimination patterns provides many wonderful opportunities for you and your baby to communicate and to become more in-tune."

- Megan, mom to Noe, began EC at 8 months 

From the children themselves

"I'm a diaper free baby
No dipes for me!
I know when I need to pee!"

- Aidan, 2 1/2 years old

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What Led You to Elimination Communication (Why do you EC?)

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