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These links are for informational purposes only. DiaperFreeBaby does not endorse any particular product, but is interested in providing information on resources and stores for acquiring supplies for the practice of Elimination Communication. The products/resources shown have been selected by DiaperFreeBaby to support you in your practice of Elimination Communication. Some products may represent the practice of Elimination Communication in a manner that varies somewhat from the Philosophies of DiaperFreeBaby. DiaperFreeBaby does not endorse any particular approach to the practice of Elimination Communication except as described in DiaperFreeBaby published materials.



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Affiliate Links and Disclosure Statement

All links to purchase products, with the exception of Paypal links, are affiliates and DiaperFreeBaby may receive a percentage of the sale as compensation. We only recommend products that we believe are in-line with the ethos of elimination communication. Your purchase helps support our non-profit organization.

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