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Potty Whispering

This is a 2-disk informational DVD set covering all the basics of infant pottying, including how it works, how to get started, techniques and tactics, medical and professional opinions, contributions from parents, and resources. It is directed by Infant Potty Training author Laurie Boucke.

Nappy Free DVD

Some babies wear no nappies from birth. Known as Elimination Communication, Natural Infant Hygiene, Toilet Timing, Early Toilet Training... call it what you like, more than half the world does it. A new concept that some Western World Families are now trialling from birth! Whatever stage you are at, this DVD may help you. 

Made by four families from Bellingen in Northern NSW, Australia, who show you their lifestyle, how they are parenting nappy free, including some pitfalls and how they communicate with their babies to know it is toilet time. A fascinating subject and a really well made documentary that will interest anyone into attachment parenting or early toilet training.

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