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Below you will find a list of regional groups led by Mentors. Mentors are available to answer questions that you might have about elimination communication (EC) and can let you know about any local events that involve EC.


Mentors: Melissa and Christie
Local YahooGroup:

Monthly Meetings
Meetings usually take place on the first Thursday of the month at 10:00 AM.
Place: Chesapeake Baptist Church
585 Old Oak Road
Severn, Maryland

Please contact Melissa for more information.

D.C. Metro Area (Potomac/Rockville/Bethesda)

Mentor: Ilana
Local YahooGroup:

Meetings usually take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM.
Place: Alef Bet Montessori School (formerly Aish Center)
11418 Old Georgetown Rd.
N. Bethesda, Maryland

Alef Bet Montesori School is located on the corner of Old Georgetown Rd. and Tilden Lane/Nicholson Lane, opposite to the Aquatic Center. It is three blocks from White Flint Metro Station.

Please RSVP to the Yahoo! Group or contact Ilana for more details.


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